February 1, 2008 will forever be etched into my brain as it was the day that Trevor fell ill and we could not find any reasons or healing. It started with a sprained ankle, then he was so lethargic he could not do anything but sleep. He would sleep anywhere from 16-20 hours a day. This was our introduction into KLS (Kleine Levin Syndrome).

It took almost 2 years and tons of different doctors to finally figure out what was wrong with him.
The doctor told me that we did it in less than 1/2 the time that it normally takes. That means there were families out there that endured twice the frustration that we did. I can’t even comprehend that.

What happens with KLS is the hypothalamus quits talking to all the other systems so the person just sleeps their life away. The brain is not functioning properly so nothing is functioning properly. The only option the medical community offered us was the use of amphetamines to override the episodes. This didn’t treat the problem; it just overrode the symptoms so we didn’t really want that. We wanted a cure.

The good Lord led us to Ann and Mindy Wade-Gendron. They used the biofeedback device with Trevor on February 3, 2010. He came out of that episode on February 5, 2010 and has been out ever since. We did a session weekly for awhile and we are still doing them once a month. It was such a gift to have my son back. He was able to graduate with his high school class and is currently a sophomore in college. We bring him home from college every month for a treatment to ensure that this dreaded disease does not return to steal his life again. We celebrate every year on February 5 as it is another year that we had our son back. We owe all these healthy years to Ann and Mindy for their wonderful care.

Toni Neuenschwander


Our family first started seeing Ann at Manna Plus as a last resort. My daughter was 4 1/2 years old and was not able to move her bowels for over a week at a time. We took her to doctor after doctor that would prescribe something that would work for a short time, then stop working. After seeing Ann, my daughter was having regular bowel movements within a week! With the help of Ann and chiropractic care, my daughter has been much better!

Fast forward to my health after my 3rd baby was born…things were awful. Ann recognized I had adrenal problems (among others). With her help, I was able to get out of bed and made a slow but sure recovery after being down for about 2 months. I’m still in recovery, but have gotten pregnant without trying (which has never happened) and am doing better in this pregnancy despite my health issues than any before. We’re so thankful for Ann and Mindy and all the help they have been to us over these last 10 years.



Several years ago I injured my neck/upper back while snowboarding. The pain differs in intensity depending on the day. A few weeks ago I woke up one morning with pain much worse than normal, so bad in fact that I was not able to move my head from side to side. I tried to “sleep it off”, but after about 3 days with no improvement, I was ready to get help.

After calling Ann, I recommended the Authentic Touch Therapy on my back to relax and help heal the tissues. Next she did the Light Touch Treatment to ensure proper structural alignment.

From the time of the therapy, my pain began to diminish, until it was completely gone. 3 days after seeing Ann, the mobility in my neck returned to normal, and the severe pain faded. I was extremely relieved!

I recommend the services of Manna Plus if you are experiencing structural pain. Consistent use of the Authentic Touch Therapy combined with the Light Touch Treatment was very effective for me. Even if you don’t have structural problems, this combination of therapies is highly relaxing and good for your body.